Sample Room £ºIn order to convenient for our customers, we build a sample supermarket which have over 10 thousand styles and also 4000 rolls sample meters. It is great cost savings for our customers.
    Toyota Jet-shop
    £º We owns 184 Toyota Air jet looms including jacquard machine, dual-axis machine and six-jet loom which are widely applicable.
    Picanol Rapier-shop£º Newly import 32 rapier looms which can produce heavy fabric such as trousering and coat.
    Sizing workshop£ºWe owns 4 sets of plasma-cylinder equipments which can supply varieties for our customers.
    Testing workshop £º More than 20 sets of testing equipments to ensure the quality of our products.
    Hand loom £º We have 4 sets of handloom equipments these can make more than 70 handlooms one day.

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